Indian Style Roasted Peanuts


Ingredients to make Indian Style Roasted Peanuts :

2 cups Raw Peanuts

1tsp Paprika

1tsp Cayenne Pepper

1/2tsp Garlic Powder

1/2tsp Sugar , optional



Method :

Heat some Oil in a non-stick pan & roast the Peanuts until its light brown in colour .

Turn the flame down & add rest of all the ingredients ( Paprika , Cayenne Pepper , Garlic Powder , Sugar & Salt ) .

Mix everything well until Peanuts are coated with the Spices .


Serve it warm or on room temperature with hot Tea or Coffee .


*Note :

When You roast the Peanuts try to keep the flame on medium low temperature , otherwise Peanuts will burn .

If You want to make it more healthy , You can dry roast the Peanuts or even try to roast the Peanuts inside the Oven .

If You need more spices , go for it …………. Its all about Your taste buds ……… If You don’t want Sugar , its optional ……..

Coffee Cake


Ingredients to make Coffee Cake :

For the Cake Batter :

2cup Flour

2tsp Baking Powder

Pinch of Salt

4 Eggs , room temperature

2cup Sugar

1cup Milk

1stick Butter , room temperature

1tbsp Vanilla Essence

Ingredients for Topping :

1 1/2stick Butter , room temperature

3/4cup Flour

1 1/2cup Brown Sugar

2tsp Cinnamon Powder

1 1/2cup Pecans


Method :

In a bowl mix Flour , Baking Powder & Salt together ,  keep it a side .

In an another bowl beat Eggs until it turns light & fluffy .

Meanwhile in a saucepan combine Milk & Butter together .

Heat the Milk mixture until Butter is dissolved & Milk is  nicely warmed .

When Eggs turned light in colour add Sugar little by little .

Beat  Egg & Sugar mixture until its creamy & doubled in volume .

Now add Vanilla Essence into the Egg Mixture .

Carefully add  Flour into the Egg mixture & combine everything well .

Transfer the hot Milk into a large bowl & using a Wire  Whisk carefully incorporate the Cake Batter into the Milk . ( Try to do in small batches )

Pour the batter into a prepared Cake tin , I used Bundt Pan .

To make the topping , mix all the Topping Ingredients together  in a bowl & sprinkle on top of the Cake Batter .

Pre-heat  Oven into 350 degree & bake the Cake for about 40-45  min or until its cooked through .


Serve it warm with a cup of Coffee …………

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!