Watermelon Cooler

Take the flesh of a half Watermelon & grind in a mixer & take the juice & strain it nicely . Add 3tbsp of Ginger Juice ( or u can add a big piece of ginger in the grinder while u grind Watermelon ) . Add the juice of 2 whole lemon & mix well , if u feel its not sweet add some more sugar . If u want u can add some mint leaves also . Try to serve it cold .

( Try to make mint ice cubes , cut some mint leave & place it in the ice tray & fill it with water , once it is freezed u will get mint ice cubes , when u put this into the glass it will give a special effect. )

One Comment

  1. the taste still lingers in my mouth, suby……thanks for all the effort u took to appease some vegetarian hunger souls like me……….