Pachoru & Pani

( Rice Cooked in Coconut Milk & Serves with Jaggery Syrup )
Pachoru & Pani is popular in Southern part of India, usually Pachoru and Pani is served in Christian community as an offering to GodΒ  or even as dish in a marriage.

1cup Raw Rice , I used Idly Rice
4cup Thin Coconut Milk
1/2cup Thick Coconut Milk
1tsp Cumin Seeds , optional
Jaggery Syrup

In a Pressure Cooker add the Rice , Thin Coconut Milk , Cumin Seeds & Salt .
Cook until the Rice is cooked & everything is mashed together .
( In My Pressure Cooker usually I wait for 1 whistle )
Open the Pressure Cooker (when all the pressure is gone ) & add the Thick Coconut Milk.
Mix everything well .
( Make sure its not having a runny kind of consistency , it should be thick , then only when it comes to room temperature it will harden up )
Transfer the Rice into a round baking pan & smooth the top .
Allow it to cool down .
Serve it with Jaggery Syrup .

To make Jaggery Syrup : Melt some Jaggery with a little bit of Water , strain the liquid & use .



  1. hi Chechi,

    can you please help me with how much quantity of rice is required for serving pachor for 50 people.

  2. Excellent recipes , I must try some of it ………thank you for sharing

  3. Thank U Aunty for ur comments ………..

  4. its really a lovely recipe from my Mother’s Kitchen….. A real yummy food….