Moong Dal Idly

Moong Dal Idly

Moong Dal Idly 2

Ingredients neededΒ to make Moong Dal Idly:

1cup Moong Dal

1cup Urad DalΒ 

Methi Seeds/Fenugreek, a pinch

Water, to soak


Moong Dal Idly 1

Method :

Wash Moong Dal & Urad Dal well and soak them for about 3-4hrs in enough water along with Methi Seeds.

Using your grinder or blender, grind them into fine smooth paste.

Try to use less water while you grind.


Moong Dal Idly


Transfer the batter into a large bowl & allow it to ferment at least 10hrs or over night.

Grease your Idly molds with cooking spray & pour a small ladle full of batter in each mold.

Steam the Idli’s in a low flame for about 15-20min or until its cooked through.

Carefully remove the Idli’s from the mold.


Moong Dal Idly 2


Serve Moong Dal Idly Β hot with Sambar or Coconut Chutney.

Enjoy !!!!!!



Add some cooked Rice into the Dal while you grind them, it will make Idli’s softer.

While grinding for this Moong Dal Idly you need very less water comparing to other Idly recipes.

So be careful while you add water.

Moong Dal Idly is a great alternative food for diabetic patients to enjoy their favorite breakfast.

Check how to make normal Idly.



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