Gobi Manchurian


Ingredients to make Gobi Manchurian :

1 Cauliflower , cut into florets & blanched in hot water

To make the Batter :

3tbsp Maida / All Purpose Flour

4tbsp Corn Starch


1tsp Pepper Powder


Oil for deep frying


Method :

In a bowl combine Flour , Corn Starch , Salt & Pepper Powder .

Add Water & make a thick smooth paste .

Combine Cauliflower & the batter together .

Mix everything well .

Heat Oil in a largeΒ  pan & fry the Cauliflower until its crispy & golden brown in colour .

Ingredients to make the Gravy :

1/2tsp Ginger , finely chopped

1/2tsp Garlic , finely chopped

2 – 3 Green Chillies , finely chopped

1/2 Onion , finely chopped

1tbsp Celery , finely chopped

1 Green Bell Pepper , finely chopped

1tbsp Soya Sauce

1tbsp Green Chilli Sauce

3tbsp Tomato Sauce / Ketchup

1tbsp Vinegar


Black Pepper Powder


Method :

Heat some Oil in a pan & add Ginger & Garlic .

Saute it for few min & add Celery , Onion , Green Chillies & Bell Pepper .

Mix everything well & saute until Onion turns transparent .

Add the Sauces & mix everything well .

Taste the Sauce & make sure everything is correct .

If needed add some more Sauce or Salt or Sugar according to Your taste .

Add Fried Cauliflower & mix everything well .


Serve it hot with Fried Rice or with Naan .

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!

Note :

To make the Cauliflower crispy , try to re fry them before serving & mix them into the gravy only just before serving the food .

If You want more gravy on Your dish , add some Vegetable / Chicken Stock into the pan & boil everything together & then add the Cauliflower .



  1. Thank u suby for ur yummy recipes.trying to make it. God Bless u and Ur Family!!!!