Chilli Prawns Chinese Style

Chilli Prawns Chinese Style

Ingredients : ( For frying the Shrimp )

1 pound Shrimp , cleaned & drained all the water
1tbsp Corn Starch
1tbsp Flour
1tsp Soy Sauce
2-3tbsp Egg wash ,
Oil , for frying

Method :

Mix all the ingredients together & fry the Shrimp until its golden brown & crispy .
Keep it a side .

Ingredients : ( To Make the Masala )

1 Bell Pepper , diced
2 stick Celery , diced
Spring Onion , diced
1tbsp Garlic , chopped
1tbsp Soy Sauce
1tbsp Chilli Sauce
2-3tbsp Tomato Ketchup
Black Pepper Powder

Method :

Heat some Oil in a pan & add the Garlic .
Sauté for few min on a high flame & add all the Vegetables ( Celery , Bell Pepper , Spring Onion ) .
Mix everything well .
Add the Sauces ( Soy,Tomato & Chilli )
Mix everything well & add the fried Shrimp .
Mix everything together .
Add some Pepper Powder &  Honey ( add according to your taste ) .
If needed only add some Salt .

Serve it hot with some Fried Rice or with Noodles .

*Note : If You want to have gravy add some Chicken Stock or Water according to your wish .
You can serve this as an Appetizer too .



  1. prasanthi

    well this chilli prawns really look yummy i will for sure try it.


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