Yule Log Cake


Ingredients to make the Cake :

3 Egg , room temperature

3 Egg Yolk , room temperature

3/4cup Sugar

Pinch of Salt

1/3cup Flour

1/3cup Corn Starch

1/4cup Coco Powder

Method :

In a bowl mix Egg , Egg Yolk , Salt & Sugar .

Place the bowl on a simmering water( double boiling method ) ,beat until the egg mixture warm through .

Remove from heat & beat the mixture until it cool down &  becomes a ribbon like texture & also doubles in  volume .

In a bowl mix Flour , Corn Starch & Coco Powder together .

Using a spatula fold in the Flour mixture into the Egg .

Pour the Cake batter into a prepared Jelly Roll Sheet Pan .

Bake it on a 400 degree Pre-heated Oven for about 15 – 20 min .

Allow the Cake to cool down .


Ingredients to make Coffee Cream Filling :

4 Egg White , room temperature

1cup Sugar

3 stick Butter , room temperature

2tsp Instant Coffee Powder

2tsp Water

Method :

Mix Egg & Sugar in a bowl .

Place it on a simmering water & beat  until the sugar is dissolved .

Remove from heat & using a beater , beat the mixture until it comes to the room temperature .

Add butter into the Egg mixture & beat well .

Mix Instant Coffee Powder & Water  together .

Pour the Coffee into the egg mixture & beat well .

Use the Filling immediately or store the Filling in an air tight container for later use .


 Assembling the Yule Log Cake :

Spread some Coffee Cream Filling on the Cake & roll the Cake tightly .

Keep the Cake inside the Fridge for 1hr to set .

Spread some more Filling on the top & the sides of the Cake .

Using a fork make draw some lines to give a feel of Wood .

Trim the edge & cut a 2inch diagonal piece from 1 side & keep it on top of the Cake .

Using Marzipan or Fondant make Corn , Mushroom & Leaves .

Dust some Powder Sugar & Coco to give the Cake a snowy effect .

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!



  1. Nicely done. I’ll whip something like this on Christmas.

  2. how can i ever forget this creation of urs s uby, it was like dressing up ur own child, the time , the effort, patience ,ur excitement when finally this was made,i can still rem everything very well. it was simply yumllicious ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, visually and really.