Wilton Cake Decoration Course

I waited for 5yrs to join this course . I used to do cakes before , but I want to study the techniques of Cake Decoration . I had a good time learning these techniques .
This is a course offered by Michaels , this is a shop for Arts .  Its a package of 4 course . Now I did 3 of them.
In this course you will be able to study how to use piping bags , making flowers with Royal Icing , using of Fondant & also the techniques for making Fondant Flowers .1st Course : Decorating Basics 

In this course you will get a basic idea about using Piping bags & different kinds of tips .
In this course you are using Buttercream Icing for making Flowers , Borders , Writing  & also for a Icing the Cake .

I made a Pound cake & frosted with Butter Cream Icing , also did some Roses & leaves . My Roses didn’t came good cos my Icing was not that smooth , but anyway I was very happy with my 1st attempt .

2nd Course : Flowers & Cake Design

In this course you will get to know about Royal Icing . In this course we studied how to make different kind of flowers like Rose , Daffodils & Lilies . The good part for Royal Icing is , you can dry & store all the flowers for later use . You will also study how to do Basket Weaving .

For this class I did a Chocolate Cake with Apricot Filling . I did some Rose & Drop Flower . I also  brush some color on the edges of Rose to give a total another dimension .

3rd Course : Gum Paste & Fondant

In this course you will get to know how to use Gum paste & Fondant . Its a really fun thing to do , you will feel like you are playing with some play dough .

In this class you will study how to make flowers with Fondant . I made Calla Lilies , Carnations , Daisies & Mums . You will also come to know how to make Bows & Ruffled Borders . They will teach you how to cover a cake with Fondant . This is the course I really enjoyed . Its true that these flowers will take a long time to make , but when you see the finished product you will be very happy . I really enjoyed this course a lot . Now I am waiting for my 4th Course to start .

4th Course : Advanced Gum Paste

In this course you will be able to make real looking flowers . All the flowers & leaves are made with Gum Paste . According to your taste color the gum paste & using your tools make the flowers & leaves .

Make individual flowers & leaves , then dust it with Pearl Dust to enhance its real look . I loved this class , it was real fun . For doing this course you really need great patience & soft hands  , otherwise the petals will broke  fast .

I am really happy that I had done all the Wilton  Course . Don’t think that you can’t do it , its very easy & everybody can do this .


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  1. Congrats!!!! It’s indeed a long wait , great attempt. Hope u decorate many more cakes in the years to come,Suby