Whole Duck Roast

Today I made an authentic Kerala style Whole Duck Roast  & this is my Grandmother’s recipe .


In my Home everyone love to eat Duck & I felt this is an easiest way to prepare  a delicious Duck . So lets start cooking :
Ingredients : To make Whole Duck Roast 

1 Whole Duck , cleaned

To Marinate :

2tbsp Coriander Powder
1/2tbsp Chilli Powder
1/2tbsp Turmeric Powder
1tbsp Garam Masala
1tbsp Black Pepper Powder


Mix all the ingredients together & rub the spices on top & inside the Duck .
Cover the Duck with a plastic wrap & allow the Duck to  marinate inside the fridge for at least 6hrs .
( If there is left over rub , just put on the top of the Duck , don’t discard )

Method to cook the Duck :

2tbsp Ginger , paste
2tbsp Garlic , paste
Take a big wide pan & keep the whole Duck into the pan .
Add 1 cup of Water ,Ginger & Garlic , & if needed add some Salt too .
Cover the pan with a tight lid & cook the Duck on a medium heat .
Occasionally turn the Duck , otherwise it will get brown on one side .
( If there is no Water in the pan , add some )
Cook until the whole Duck is cooked through , it may take 20-25 mins.
In the meantime , dice some Potatoes & arrange them on the bottom of the roasting pan .
( I used 2 Rustic Potatoes )
Remove the Duck from the gravy ( save it ) & place on top of the Potatoes .
Place the pan onto the broiler & broil until You get a nice golden brown colour .
Carefully turn the Duck & allow  the same .

If the Duck is done cooking remove it from the Pan & allow the Potatoes to get cooked in the Duck fat .

To make the Gravy :
1 big Onion , sliced thinly
Duck Gravy ( saved one )


Heat some Oil in a pan & saute the Onions until it turns golden brown colour .
Add the Duck gravy & allow it to boil .

Remove from the heat & pour into a gravy bowl .


Serve the Duck warm with Potatoes & Gravy .

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Wow…I’ve never eaten Duck ever but a duck roast sounds terribly tempting!! Where did u buy the duck from? Btw, do u live in US? 🙂

    • Ya , Manju we live in NC ………… here we have one Chinese store named Grant Asia Market , they have good Duck’s ………… In my home we usually buy Duck at least once in a month …………. do try it , the only thing U have to be careful is sometimes cooking point of the Duck is different , mainly when U cook 2 at a time ………..