Wheat Kozhukattai

Wheat Kozhukattai

Wheat Kozhukattai 4

Kozhukattai are usually  made with Rice Flour, sometimes  my Mom makes with Wheat Flour too . So today I taught to share the recipe with You all .

Ingredients needed to make Wheat Kozhukattai :

Making Dough :

2cup Wheat Flour

Warm Water , as needed



Method :

In a big bowl mix together Flour, Salt & little Oil .

Carefully add Water, as needed to make a soft dough ( just like Chappathi/Roti Dough ) .

Keep it a side .

Wheat Kozhukattai

Ingredients needed to make Filling :

100gm Jaggery , melted & strained ( refer notes*)

3/4cup grated Coconut

1/4tsp Cardamom Powder

1/2tsp Ghee

Method :

In a pan mix together grated Coconut & Jaggery syrup .

Cook until all the liquid is dried up .

Add Ghee & mix for some more mins .

Turn the Gas off & add Cardamom powder .

Mix everything well  & allow it to cool down .

Assembling Kozhukattai :

Wheat Kozhukattai 1

Make a medium size balls out of the Dough .

Take one ball at a time & place in your palm .

Press the dough down & shape it into a cup, make sure the ends don’t break .

Wheat Kozhukattai 2

Carefully fill some Coconut filling into the dough .

Carefully close the opening & shape it back into a ball .

Wheat Kozhukattai 3

Using a steamer or Pressure Cooker, cook Kozhukattai for about 10min in a medium flame .

Wheat Kozhukatti 6

Serve it hot or room temperature with Your Tea or Coffee .

Enjoy !!!!!!!!

*Notes :

When You melt Jaggery, add very little Water . This way You will get a thick syrup .

I always make more filling & keep it inside the fridge, my Kids love to eat that just as it is .

In the filling You can also add Cumin Powder, Ginger Powder & also Cashew & Raisins, its a personal choice .


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