Vattayappam / Steamed Rice Cake

Vattayappam / Steamed Rice Cake 


Ingredients needed to make Vattayappam / Steamed Rice Cake:

1cup Raw Rice / Idly Rice

1cup Sugar

1/2cup Grated Coconut

1tsp Yeast

1/2cup Cooked Rice

5 Whole Cardamom



Raisins, garnish


Wash Raw Rice/Idly Rice  well and soak in water for atleast half an hour.

Drain the Rice and make sure to save the Water for later use.

Using a high speed blender or mixer, grind soaked Rice, cooked Rice, Grated Coconut, Yeast, Sugar, Cardamom, Salt and  Water into smooth paste.

Batter should be thick and should have the consistency of Idly batter.

Transfer the batter into a big bowl and allow the batter to ferment for about 3hrs.

Liberally rub two 8″inch Cake pan with Ghee or Oil and pour the batter almost  3/4th.

Generously sprinkle Raisins on top of the batter.

Using a Steamer or Pressuer Cooker or double boiling method, steam Vattayappam for about 20-25min on a medium low flame until its fully cooked or until a tooth pick inserted in the middle comes out clean.

Allow Vattayappam to cool a bit and invert the pan.

Serve Vattayappam warm with Tea or Coffee.




Vattayappam is one of the healthiest breakfast or Tea time snack you can have.

This particular recipe is handed down from my Mom, so far I felt this is an easiest and tastiest recipe I have ever tried for Vattayappam.

While making Vattayappam, make sure to wash the rice well and soak the rice in a good amount of water.

Once it’s soaked for atleast 1/2hr, don’t discard the water where the rice is soaked.

Use that water while you grind the mixture.

For Cooked Rice, it’s better to use cooked  Matta Rice rather than cooked Basmati Rice.

For garnish, you can use Cashews too.

You can always adjust the level of sugar according to your taste.



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