Unniyappam / Neyyappam / Kareppam


I love to eat Unniyappam with my hot Coffee in the evening …….. Its a snack which takes me back to my home …………. according to Me , my Mom makes the best Unniyappam in whole Kerala …..Her recipe is little different from other recipes Β ……I had seen recipes call for Banana in the batter , but in this particular recipe there is no Banana …………… She never used Banana in the batter , but still her Unniyappam will be very moist & soft ………….

Ingredients : To make Unniyappam / Neyyappam / Kareppam

1st Step :

1cup Jaggery ,melted

1 1/2cup grated Coconut

1/4tsp Cumin Seeds , powdered

4 Cardamom , powdered

1/4tsp Dry Ginger Powder

1tbsp Ghee

Method :

Mix melted Jaggery & Coconut in aΒ  pan & cook until all the water is evaporated & the mixture is dry .

Turn off the Heat & add rest of the ingredients .

Mix everything well & allow it to cool down .

2nd Step :

1cup All Purpose Flour

1cup Rice Flour , use roasted Flour

1cup Jaggery , melted

Black Sesame Seeds , as Your taste

Water , as needed

Method :

Mix both the Flour together in a big pan .

Carefully add melted Jaggery & mix everything well .

At this point , add Sesame Seed & Coconut-Jaggery mixture .

Mix everything well .

Taste the batter & make sure there is enough sweetness to the batter , if not then add Jaggery syrup according to Your taste .

If needed add some water & mix the dough until it has the consistency of Idly Batter .

Allow the Batter to rest for some time .


3rd Step :

Oil , for frying

Heat some oil in a Unniyappam Pan .

Pour 2-3tbsp full of batter into each rounds .

Cook them until it turns golden brown in colour .

Don’t forget to turn the Unniyappam to cook from the other side .

Remove from the Oil & allow it to drain all the Oil on a paper towel .

Serve Unniyappam with Your Hot Tea or Coffee .

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!



  1. Came out very well. Trying first time. Thank u:)

  2. MMMM …. mmmmmm …. mmmmmm ,,, I’m drooling !!! Do you know how to make Cheeda ? No one makes it nowadays !!