Twice Baked Sweet Potato with Shrimp and Spinach


Last night I  watched a show on Cooking Channel named ” Not my Mama’s meal ” . In that show Bobby Dean made a Twice baked Potato with Shrimp & Spinach . It was so easy to make , so I taught to give a try for that  recipe , cos I love Sweet Potato .

So today I made it for my Dinner at Home . I just twisted  the recipe to give the recipe my own  touches , I didn’t put  Sour cream on my dish , instead I added some Greek Yoghurt . Also I added some Red Pepper Flakes in the dish to spice up everything . Overall it was a perfect dish . So lets start Cooking :

Ingredients : To make Twice Baked Sweet Potato

3 large Sweet Potato

1 pound Shrimp , cleaned & diced

1cup Spinach

3 cloves of Garlic , chopped

2-3 pinch Pepper Flakes

2tbsp Greek Yoghurt

3/4cup Mozzarella Cheese , grated

Salt & Black Pepper

Method :

Pre-heat Oven to 350 degree .

Wash the Potatoes well .

Prick the potatoes well using a fork .

Then bake the potatoes for about 1hr or until its soft .

Allow it to cool down & then carefully slice the potatoes in half .

On to  a bowl  gently scoop out the flesh .

Heat some Oil in a pan & saute Garlic , Shrimp & Spinach .

Add some Salt , Pepper & Red Pepper Flakes according to Your taste .

Mix everything well & cook until Spinach & Shrimp is cooked .

Transfer the Shrimp & Spinach mixture into the Sweet Potato bowl .

Add Yoghurt & 1/4cup grated Cheese into the Sweet Potato bowl .

Mix everything well .

Carefully refill the Potato skin with Shrimp , Spinach & Sweet Potato mixture .

Sprinkle leftover Cheese on top & bake until the Cheese is melted .


Serve it hot as a side dish for Your Dinner or Lunch .

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!


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