Tutti Frutti Bread

Tutti Frutti Bread

Tutti Frutti is a colourful confection containing dried candied Papaya.

This Bread takes me back to my Childhood , & I still remember eating this bread . My Mom used to buy me Tutti Frutti Bread from a near by Bakery . Its been a long time I was trying to recreate this Bread . I tried my best & I think , it came out with flying colours .

Ingredients needed for Tutti Frutti Bread :

3 1/2cup All Purpose Flour

2tsp Instant Yeast

1tbsp Sugar

1tsp Salt

1cup Warm Milk

2 Eggs , slightly beaten

2tbsp Butter , room temperature

1 cup Tutti Frutti

Pinch of Saffron , optional

Note :

For kneading I used my Kitchenaid Stand mixer . If You don’t have a stand mixer its always good to use Your hands .

If You are using Saffron try to soak it in the Warm Milk for about 5min .

Always try to keep extra Flour , when You knead the dough You may need more .

In USA, you can find this in any Indian grocery shops ( in freezer section ) .

Method :

Mix together Flour , Yeast , Sugar , Salt & Butter .

Carefully add Saffron infused Milk & Egg .

Mix everything well .

If Your dough is sticky add more Flour .

Knead the dough until You have a soft dough .

Add Tutti Frutti into dough & mix everything well .

Take the dough out from the mixer & knead for a bit .

Cover & leave the dough for an hour , until its doubled in size , in a well oiled bowl .

Tutti Fruitti Bread

Once its doubled , knead again & divide into 2 equal parts .

Knead each dough separately & shape into a loaf .

Place the dough inside a greased loaf pan .


Let the dough rise again till it reaches the rim , about 40min .

Bake in a 325degreeΒ  pre-heated Oven for about 30-35min or until the top is golden brown & bread sounds hollow when tapped at the bottom .

Brush some Butter on top of the warm Bread .

Let it cool down completelyΒ  before slicing .

Tutti frutti bread 2

Serve it with Jam or Butter .

Enjoy !!!!!!


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