Turmeric Milk / Golden Milk

Turmeric Milk / Golden Milk

Ingredients needed to make Turmeric Milk / Golden Milk:

2cup Milk of choice ( Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Soy Milk, etc… )

1inch long Fresh Turmeric, crushed using mortar and pestal

1stick Cinnamon

Pinch of Black Pepper Powder

Sugar / Honey

1/4tsp Ghee / Coconut Oil


Turmeric Milk / Golden Milk



Combine Milk, Turmeric, Cinnamon and Black Pepper into a saucepan.

Allow Milk to boil .

Reduce heat to low and allow Milk to simmer for another 10min.

Strain the Milk and add Sugar or Honey according to taste.


Turmeric Milk / Golden Milk


Serve Turmeric Milk / Golden Milk hot.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!



Turmeric Milk / Golden Milk is a one way stop for all sorts of health problems. It heals Sore throat, Cough and Cold, clams your mind and heals your body and will give a good sleep, increases digestion, stregthens your bones, beneficial to anemia, increases immunity, cleanse your blood and gives a beautiful glow on your Skin.

In this recipe I used fresh Turmeric. In some places it’s very hard to get fresh ones, so you can use store bought Turmeric Powder. Remember that Turmeric powder is never as effective as fresh Turmeric, because the chances of contamination in the powder is very high and also its efficiency will also reduce during the grinding process because of the heat.

If you are suffering from Sore Throat, its better to add Ghee into the hot drink, it will melt and coat your throat and will give a relief from cough.


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