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Pal Payasam

Ingredients : To make Pal Payasam 2/3cup Unakkalari / Red Rice 4cup Milk 3cup Water 1cup Sugar 1tsp Cardamom Powder Boil Milk & Water together . Add Sugar & Rice . Cook in a low flame until Rice is cooked & the Milk reduced to half . Add Cardamom Powder […]


Moong Dal Payasam

Ingredients : To make Moong Dal Payasam 1cup Yellow Moong Dal 3cup Thin Coconut Milk 1cup Thick Coconut Milk 1cup grated Jaggery 1tsp Cardamom Powder Cashew & Raisins 1-2tbsp Ghee Method : In a non-stick pan heat the Ghee & fry Cashew & Raisin , fry until it turns golden […]