Stuffed Mushroom

Take 12 Button Mushroom & clean it with a dry tissue paper (don’t wash Mushrooms ). Remove its stem ( to remove stem just hold the stem & move back & forth it will pop out ) .Take a small spoon & scoop some of the flesh ( be sure not to go deep ) .Chop everything fine .Use 1/2 Onions & 2Garlic Cloves , chop it nicely . In a pan put some Olive oil & saute Onions & Garlic . Then put finely chopped Mushroom , 1tbsp Chilli Paste ( will get in Asian Store ) , 2 pieces of cooked Chicken & Salt & Pepper according to taste .When Mushroom is cooked & all the water is evaporated take a spoon & fill this mixture into each Mushroom cap & arrange in a baking sheet . When all the Caps are filled drizzle Olive oil on each Cap . Preheat the oven to 350degree & bake for 10 – 15 min .

( I used to buy Chicken Breast & cut it into small cubes & cook it in a little bit of water , salt & pepper . Once it is cooled I used to store in plastic containers & keep it in Fridge . I use this to make soup , sandwich etc ….)

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