Spicy Tomato Chicken Curry


Ingredients to make Spicy Tomato Chicken Curry :

1 Whole Chicken , cut into medium or small size pieces

1 Onion , diced

1-2 bulb of Garlic , peeled & sliced into round pieces

Curry Leaves

8-9 Tomato , diced

3tbsp Chili Powder


Method :

Heat some Oil in a Non-stick pan & saute Onion , Garlic & Curry Leaves .

Saute Onion until it turns light golden brown in color .

MoveΒ  pan from the Heat & add Chili Powder .

Mix everything well on a low flame until the raw smell of Chili Powder in gone .

Add diced Tomato & mix everything well .

Cover the pan with a lid & cook the Tomatoes until its completely mashed .

Add Chicken & Salt into the Tomato mixture .

Mix everything well .

Cover the pan with a lid & cook until Chicken is cooked well .

Serve it hot with Rice or with Roti .

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note :

If You want the Curry to have gravy , add some Water & boil everything well .

In this Curry its good to add more Garlic .

Don’t add Turmeric or Black Pepper to this Curry , it will ruin the flavor .

If You want to reduce the Chili Powder & still want to have the same color , then use 1 1/2 tbsp Chili Powder & 2tbsp Paprika . Paprika will give the color & also the flavor without the spiciness .


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  1. Wow. That looks so good!