Special Chicken

In my home everybody loves Chicken . So constantly I used to experiment new recipes for Chicken .
Last day I made this Chicken dish  & everybody loved it .
This recipe was developed by Me .

So lets start :

1 Whole Chicken
( I asked my Butcher to cut the Chicken into 8 pieces . If you want you can cut it into small pieces .)
1cup Vinegar
1cup Soy Sauce
Pepper Powder
5 cloves crushed  Garlic
Oil for Frying

Mix all the ingredients together & cook the Chicken .
Mean while heat some Oil in a pan & fry all the cooked Chicken pieces .
Reserve the Soy & Vinegar mixture , you can add some in the Gravy .

If you want serve it like this as an Appetizer , but I made a gravy for this Chicken .

For Gravy you need :

1 sliced Onion
1 sliced Bell Pepper
1-2tbsp Chili Garlic Sauce
2tbsp Honey

Heat some Oil in a pan & saute Onion & Bell Pepper .
Mix in Honey & Chili Garlic Sauce .
Also add 2tbsp of Soy & Vinegar mixture .
Mix everything well with the  fried Chicken .
If you need gravy add some water or Chicken stock .
Serve it hot with Roti .