Shrimp Jambalaya

In a large pan saute 1 chopped Onions , 1 stick Celery & 1 Green Pepper in some oil until the onions are tender . Take 2 cups of washed Basmati rice & add it to the pan . Add 1tbsp Worcestershire Sauce ,2tsp Creole Seasoning & 1/2tsp Cayenne Pepper . Add 4 cups of Chicken Stock , 2 diced Tomatoes & 1 cup frozen Peas . Bring it to boil & when the stock reduced keep 1 pound of cleaned Shrimp over the Rice & cover the pan with a tight lid & turn off the gas . After 20min open the lid & fluff the rice with a fork . Serve it hot .

( Be careful while you add Salt cos Sauce is having lot of salt . If you don’t have Creole Seasoning you can make it at home : 1/2tsp each Salt ,Garlic Powder & Paprika ; & a pinch each dried Thyme , ground Cumin & Cayenne Pepper .)


  1. Shiny careful about 1 more thing ………….here we r using electric coil for cooking …………after turning it off also coil will take some time to cool down ………… that’s why i am turning off the gas even before the rice is not cooked …………….

  2. Yes it is getting steam cooked………… or you can cook the shrimp before by adding little salt & try to reserve the liquid …………you can combine that with the water you cook the rice .

  3. Nice receipe Suby, would definitely like to give a try. I have a doubt – How will the shrimps get cooked if the gas is turned off soon after covering it the contents in the pan with a lid?Is the shrimps going to be steam cooked?