Rava Ladoo

In a pan heat some ghee , put 1/4 cup each Cashew nuts & Kismis . Allow the Kismis to plump up , put 1/2 cup of grated Coconut & mix well . Put 1 cup of Rava & mix well ( low the gas to medium flame ) . Once you get the toasted Rava smell put 1cup of Sugar & 2pinch of Cardamom powder . Turn off the gas & add 1/2 cup of milk slowly into the rava mixture . Let it cool for sometimes ,make medium balls out of the rava mixture .

( Don’t allow the Nuts & Kismis to turn golden brown , cos it will change the taste of ladoo totally .If you want you can use water instead of milk , but the texture of the ladoo will be different . If you want the ladoo to sit for a long time u can use water . If u want u can reduce the sugar .)

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