Rava Kesari


Ingredients to make Rava Kesari :

1cup Rava / Semolina

1 1/2cup Water

1cup Milk

1cup Sugar

4-5tbsp Ghee

1tsp Cardamom Powder


Fried Nuts , You can use Cashew , Raisins & Almonds


Method :

In a pan combine Milk , Water , Saffron & Sugar together & heat on a low flame until Sugar is dissolved ( don’t allow it to boil ) .

On a non-stick pan heat Ghee & fry Rava on a medium low flame .

Fry Rava until toasted & lightly changes the colour .

Carefully add the Milk mixture & stir everything well .

Cook the mixture until it comes together & have a thick pudding consistency .

Garnish with CardamomΒ  & Fried Nuts .

Serve it hot or cold .


Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!

Note :

When You make Rava Kesari do remember to stir the mixture constantly until its done cooking .

To make the Rava Kesari look good You can add food colouring too .

If You want to slice them in individual piece , just spread the hot Rava Kesari onto a prepared tin . Allow it to cool down & then slice them into different shape or size .



  1. I’ve tried this dish before. And it was so yummy. I’d try this again.

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