Rasmalai is my favorite sweet . In this recipe itself you will get to know how to make Rasgulla also . So its a two-in-one recipe .So lets start ,

For making Rasgulla you need :
4 cup Whole Milk
2tbsp Lemon Juice
1cup Sugar
5cup Water

In a pan boil the Milk .
Try to stir occasionally , otherwise the milk will burn .
When milk is boiling add the lemon juice & stir .
You can see the milk curdling .
Turn off the Gas & strain the liquid through a cheese cloth .
Pour some cold tap water over the cheese Β & squeeze the water .
Tie the cheese cloth tightly & hang on the kitchen tap .
Let it be there for 20 min , so that all the water is drained .
Transfer the cheese into a plate & using your hand knead the cheese to make a soft dough .
If there is water inside the cheese it will not come to a smooth dough .
So use a tissue paper & pat down all the water .
Divide the dough into 12 equal portions & using your hand make a smooth ball .
If you make Rasgulla make the balls round .
If you want to make Rasmalai , slightly flatten the balls .

In a pressure cooker boil the water & sugar .
Allow it to boil .
Add all the cheese balls into the liquid & cover the pan with its lid .
Cook it for 7min .
Remove all the Rasgulla to a bowl & serve it chilled .

For making Rabadi you need :
4cup Whole Milk
4tbsp Sugar
2tbsp each Almonds & Pistachio
3-4 Cardamom
Pinch of Saffron

In a non-stick pan boil the milk .
Occasionally stir the milk & allow the milk to reduce down to 2cup .
Add the Sugar , Nuts ,Cardamom & Saffron .
If you want more sweetness add more sugar .
Take each Rasgulla & squeeze some of the sugar syrup & add to the Rabadi .
Transfer to a plate & chill the Rasmali .
Serve it cold .


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