Princess Cake Ideas

It was my little Princesses B’day .
I made this doll  cake for her . Its a simple Vanilla Cake , frosted with Butter-Cream. 

Now she is 3yrs old . I still remember the day she born . It was the happiest day in our life . I was waiting for a girl , in our family all my siblings have boys , so from  the day  she born she was  treated like a Princess . And I know cos of our pampering she is little naughty & stubborn , but still we LOVE her a lot .

From last 2 months I was really confused about her B’day cake . Everyday she used to have different kind of ideas for her Cake . She liked to have a Barn Cake , then it changed to Castle Cake , again it changed to Ice-cream Cake , it was going on . At last she happened to see a Princess Cake in Youtube & she told   me she needs that Cake .

Anyway, we had a great time . I cooked food for everybody & all the guest enjoyed it . After the party I was really exhausted & took  a good rest for couple of days .

To make this Cake I bought a Princess Cake pan set from Michaels . Its very easy to make cake in that set . After baking you will get the cake in the shape of a dress . Frost the Cake & do all the icing work . Insert the  Barbie Doll & also frost the doll . I kept the doll on top of a 14” square shaped Cake & frosted it with green frosting & made grass with the butter-cream . Also made  Necklace , Earrings , Bracelets & Head Band for the Doll using Butter -Cream .