Oreo Cookie Ice-cream Cake

I made this Cake for my Nephew . Its a very easy & delicious Cake . For this recipe you need :

1 pint Vanilla Ice-Cream
12 Oreo Cookies
5-6tbsp Caramel Sauce

Take the Ice-cream out of the freezer & leave at room temperature for about 40-45min or until the ice-cream is soft .
Crush the Oreo Cookies into a fine powder .
In a big bowl mix Vanilla Ice-cream , Oreo Cookies & Β Caramel Sauce .
Transfer it onto a plastic wrap Β lined baking pan . It will allow you to transfer the Ice-cream easily .to a cake stand .
Place the pan back to the Freezer & allow to freeze for about 6-7hrs .
Remove the Cake to a Cake stand & decorate according to your wish .

I decorated the Cake with some whipped cream & sprinkles .
If you have extra whip cream serve with the Cake slice .



  1. Yum! I just made a chocolate cake with Oreo cream cheese filling. The only thing that could make it better is ice cream! Next time.

    Here’s my cake: http://bit.ly/HvBywk

    Thanks for your recipe!

  2. Soooo tempting and mouthwatering..

  3. Soooo tempting and mouthwatering..