Chinese Style Noodles

For this Chinese Style Noodles  I am not  putting any specific measuring , cos its all up to each person’s taste ………….

For this recipe I used :

Ingredients :

Noodles , cooking Noodles is very easy ……… boil some water in a big pot & add some Salt & Oil , when the Water is boiling add the Noodles & allow it to cook , until its soft , carefully drain the liquid & wash the Noodles in some Cold Water ………… after that add some more oil & mix everything well , so that it don’t stick to each other .

Green Beans
Green Peas
Capsicum / Bell Pepper
Spring Onions
Sugar Snap Peas
Egg , slightly beaten
( Make some Scrambled Egg )
Any kind of Meat , use Chicken , Pork or Shrimp
( Before adding any kind of Meat , just cook them in some Water & Salt )
Soy Sauce
Black Pepper Powder

Method :

Heat some Oil in a pan & add all the Vegetables .
Saute on a high flame for few min .
Add Pepper & Salt according to Your Taste .
Add the Soy Sauce & mix well .
( Try to add 1tbsp at a time , if needed You can add more later )
Add cooked Meat & scrambled Egg .
Mix everything well .
Add the Noddles & toss everything together .
Taste the Dish & check You  needed some more Soy Sauce & Salt .

Serve it hot with some Chili Chicken / Chili Shrimp or any kind of Curry to Your Taste .



  1. Pearl Prakash Kurishingal

    Suby your Pachoru recipe reminds me of my Mother in law. She used to make it every year with the new rice from the harvest. The first batch was sent to the Parish Priest for his blessings !
    Your recipes are all delish !! Way to go girl !!

    • Thank U so much Aunty for ur inspiring comment ……….. it really means a lot to me …………