Mutta Kuzhalappam Recipe

Ingredients : To make Mutta Kuzhalappam Recipe

1 1/2cup Flour
2cup Milk
1 Egg
2tbsp Sugar

Method :
Using a blender mix all the ingredients together & make a thin batter .
(If needed add some more water or milk to thin the batter .)
Heat a non-stick pan & pour a ladle full of Β batter .
Evenly spread the batter & cook in a medium low flame , until its light golden brown in color .
Do the same until the batter is finished .

For the Filling :

2cup grated Coconut
2/3cup Sugar
4-5 Cardamom , powdered
1tbsp Ghee

Method :
Mix all the ingredients together & cook until Coconut is soft & juicy .
Put the filling on the Pancake / Crepes & roll it .
Serve it with Hot Coffee or Tea .



  1. very tasty snack

  2. OMG !!!!!!!, Rafeeda , that’s a good info ………

  3. this is a very nostalgic snack… for obvious reasons, this is called “mayyithappam” in our place – actually mayyith means shavam… since it lies like one, it’s called so!!! i hate that name though… πŸ™‚