Mussels Stew ( Italian Style )

First clean the Mussels by soaking it into some water & 2tbsp of Flour , it will help to set down all the sand in Mussels . After 15 min wash all the flour from the Mussels .

In a pan put some Olive oil , saute some diced Onion & Garlic . When onion turns transparent put 2 Italian hot sausage ( if u want u can remove the casing or u can cut into round pieces ) .Also put some diced Carrots ,Pured 2 Tomatoes , Celery & Bell Pepper .Add 1/2 cup of White Wine , Ground Pepper & Salt to taste . Put all the Mussels & cover the pan with a tight lid , so that all the Mussels should steam up & open . As a garnish put some chopped Parsley & serve hot .Serve with Naan or with Garlic Bread

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