Moru Kachiyathu / Seasoned Buttermilk

Moru Kachiyathu / Seasoned Buttermilk

Ingredients needed to make Moru Kachiyathu / Seasoned Buttermilk:

2cup Curd/Yogurt, ( refer *notes )

1/4tsp Mustard Seeds

Pinch of Methi Seeds

1/4tsp Cumin Seeds

3-4 Dried Whole Red Chillies

1/2tbsp Ginger, thinly sliced

1tsp Garlic, Thinly sliced

2-3 Green Chillies, sliced

Curry Leaves

1/2tsp Turmeric Powder

1/4tsp Hing/Asafoetida


Coconut Oil

Moru Kachiyathu / Seasoned Buttermilk


Heat some Coconut Oil in a pan.

Add Mustard Seeds and allow it to pop.

Add Cumin, Methi and Red Chillies.

Mix everything well and add Ginger, Garlic and Curry Leaves.

Saute until Ginger and Garlic is slightly toasted.

Add Turmeric, Hing and Salt.

Mix everything well and turn the heat down.

Carefully add Buttermilk and mix everything together.

Allowย Moru Kachiyathu / Seasoned Buttermilk to just get warm, make sure it doesn’t boil, otherwise buttermilk will get curdled.

Moru Kachiyathu / Seasoned Buttermilk


Serveย Moru Kachiyathu / Seasoned Buttermilk warm or room temperature with Rice.




To make Buttermilk, mix some water to yogurt or curd. For this recipe I used 2cup Yogurt and added 1/2cup of Water.

If you like thin Buttermilk, add water according to that.

In this recipe you can add Shallots, it’s according to personal taste.

Always make sure to taste and adjust Salt. If needed add more Hing/Asafoetida.

The best combination to haveย Moru Kachiyathu / Seasoned Buttermilk is to have with Rice, Beef Fry or Fish Fry.

For video check: Moru Kachiyathu



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