Meen Thilapichatu( Kerela Style Fish Curry )

I still remember my Mom making this curry . When we get fresh fish she used to make this curry . For this recipe you can use any kind of fish you like , or if you have big fish then you can use the head , tail & bones of the fish to make this curry . Usually we serve this curry with Rice or with Puttu . For this recipe you can use Sardine , Mackerel , Anchovy, etc .

In this recipe I used 4 pieces of Fish .
8 Shallots , 4 Green Chilies Β , 2tbsp Ginger Β crush everything (don’t grind )

In a pan heat some Coconut Oil & add the crushed masala Β & Curry Leaves .
When it starts to turn golden brown add 1 1/2 tbsp Chili Powder & 1tsp Turmeric Powder .
Fry the masala for 2min & add 1/2 cup Water .
When the water is boiling put the fish pieces & Salt .
Cover the pan with a tight lid & allow the fish to cook .
Serve it hot with Rice or with Puttu .


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