Meen Palu Curry

My Mom used to make this curry . Its very easy to make . For this recipe I used 8 pieces of Fish .
You can use any kind of fish which have good flesh .I used Porgy for this recipe .

To make this curry you need :

Curry Ingredients :
2 1/2 cup Thin Coconut Milk                               
3tbsp Coriander Powder                      
1tsp Chili Powder                                
1/2tsp Turmeric Powder                      
1tbsp Garam Masala
5-6 Green Chilies
1 Raw Mango

Garnish :
5 Shallots
2tbsp thinly sliced Ginger
Curry Leaves
1/4cup Thick Coconut Milk

In a pan add all the Curry Ingredients .
Allow everything to boil & then add the cleaned Fish .
Cover the pan with a tight lid & allow the Fish to cook .
Add the Thick Coconut Milk & turn  off the gas.

In another pan add some Coconut oil & fry the Shallots , Ginger & Curry leaves .
Add this on the top of the Fish Curry.
Serve it hot with Rice .

If you don’t have Mango add 2tbsp Vinegar .
In this recipe I told about thin Coconut Milk . If you are buying the canned milk , take 2 1/2 cup water & add 2-3tbsp of canned Coconut milk ,you will get the correct consistency .



  1. Hey Suby,
    Awesome blog!! Delicious looking pictures makes you want to try out the recipe right away!

  2. Just looks awesome……very nice pics….. yum n delicious!