Marshmallow Fondant


Ingredients : To make Marshmallow Fondant

16oz mini Marshmallow

1-2tbsp Water

2lbs Powdered Sugar , keep more You will need that

Crisco , for greasing

Method :

On a microwave safe bowl , add Marshmallows & Water .

Microwave for 2min or until Marshmallows are puffed up & soft .

Grease 1 wooden spoon nicely ( don’t forget this step ) .

Mix the melted Marshmallow well .

Continuously stir & add powder sugar until its difficult to stir .

Grease a large work space with Crisco .

Carefully pour the Marshmallow mixture onto the work space .

Add more powder sugar & knead the Marshmallow mixture until it thickens & get the texture of soft play dough .

Wrap the Fondant in a plastic wrap & store it inside a zip-lock bag , don’t allow the air to come inside .

This fondant can kept on room temperature for at least 2 weeks .

If You want to keep inside the freezer , make sure You wrap the Fondant nicely . When You are ready to use , just pop it inside the microwave for few mins & knead the fondant with some Crisco until You get the right texture .


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