Marble Pudding

Take 1 can Milkmaid , in same tin take 2tin Milk & 5tbs Sugar and boil this mixture ( stir it continuously ) . Separately mix 2packets of unflavored Gelatin in desired amount of boiling water (as per in the packet ) .Pour this into the milk mixture & put 2tsp of Vanilla essence & mix well . Strain this mixture & pour it into a dish which u want to set this pudding .In a separate pan take 3tsp Coco powder, 5tbsp milk & 1tsp butter mix this well & boil it till it becomes a smooth paste ( consistency of a melted chocolate ) . Put 1 spoon of chocolate mixture into milk mixture & take a folk and draw some lines as if u get a style of Marble .( Do not put the full chocolate mixture at once & do not over mix the mixture with the fork ) .Keep it in the fridge for 3hrs .Use it after its set .
( This is the recipe which I prepared 1st ………….)

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