Manga Palu Curry ( Raw Mango Curry )

For this recipe you need :

1 Raw Mango                                    3tbsp Coriander Powder
3 Green Chilies                                   1tsp Chili Powder
3 cloves Garlic                                   1/2tsp Turmeric Powder
2 cup thin Coconut Milk                      1/2tsp Garam Masala

Mix everything in a pan & bring to boil .
Bring down the heat & cook until the Mango is tender .
Add 1/4 cup Thick Coconut Milk & mix well .

For Garnish :

1tsp Mustard Seeds
1 pinch  Fenugreek Seeds
2 whole Red Chilies
Curry Leaves

In a pan heat some Coconut oil & fry everything .
Pour it into the Mango curry & mix well .
Serve it hot with Rice .


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  1. sounds new and healthy too and looking delicious..