Kerala Fish Curry

Clean 250gm of Fish . ( Any kind of Fish )

In a pan take 2cups of Coconut Milk ( use 2nd Milk ) , 1tbsp Chilli Powder , 1tsp Turmeric powder , 5 Green Chillies splitted , 4-5 pieces Kudampuli & Salt .
Bring this mixture to boil & allow it to reduce a little .
Add the fish pieces . When all the fish is cooked add 2tbsp grated Ginger , 2 crushed Shallots , Curry Leaves & 1tbsp Coconut Oil . Remove it from heat & serve with Rice .
If you don’t have kudampuli add 2 Tomatoes or 1 raw Mango is also good .
In Kerela we used to put Chemmi Puli also .
Every time you make fish curry try to make it a day head , cos this will allow the fish to get all the flavor .

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