Idly is one of the most common Breakfast in Southern part (Kerala ) of India . Making Idly is  very easy.

If you don’t have a wet grinder don’t worry I am using my Oyster Blender to do all my grinding . It works good , just make sure the blender is not getting hot . If it gets too hot turn it off for few minutes and once its cool down use the machine again .

Ingredients needed to make Idly:

3cup Idly Rice
1cup Urad Dal
1pinch Fenugreek seeds
1/2cup cooked Rice




Wash Rice and Dal in  2 separate bowl . Soak both Rice and Dal in water for about 6-8hrs .
Add a  pinch of Fenugreek seeds in Urad Dal bowl while soaking .
( Don’t discard the soaking liquid , use it for grinding .)

Grind Urad Dal into fine paste . Don’t add too much water . Touch the batter and make sure there is no grains in the batter . If there is grains grind for some more time . Transfer Urad Dal paste into a big pan .

Grind soaked Rice. Try to grind in 2 batches, if your grinder is small. In each batch add cooked Rice too, I would recommend to add cooked Matta Rice, otherwise soak some Aval/Poha and add that instead of Rice while grinding. Add enough water to grind the mixture . Touch the batter and make sure there is no grains. Transfer the batter into the same pan where you added  the Dal paste .

Add Salt and mix everything well . Try to use your hands to mix everything well . Make sure your batter has a consistency of Pancake batter.

Close the pan with a tight lid and keep in a warm place. I  keep my Idly batter inside Oven. Turn on the light inside the Oven to keep it warm, also cover the pan with a kitchen towel to keep it warm. Allow the batter to ferment overnight . It will rise up and there will be twice the amount of batter. So be sure to keep the batter in a large pan .

In morning take the batter and mix everything well . Spray some oil on Idly plate and pour a medium sized ladle full of batter and steam for 10-12min or until Idly is cooked.

Once Idly is cooked remove it from the heat and allow Idly’s to cool a little, that way it will be easy to remove from the pan.



Serve it hot with Sambar or Chutney Powder.




For Chutney Powder:

Idli, Dosa Chutney Powder

For Homemade Sambar Powder:

Homemade Sambar Powder / Sambar Podi