Idiyappam Noodles

Idiyappam Noodles


I love Idiyappam for my Breakfast .

When I was small , my Mom used to make Idiyappam in the morning & with the left over’s she used to make Idiyappam Noodles .

To be frank , even though I love Idiyappam , I purposefully save some Idiyappam , so that My Mom can make Idiyappam Noddles in the evening .

For those peolpe who don’t get what is Idiyappam :Β  Its a Breakfast dish whichΒ  is typically made in Kerala .Β  Its made with Rice Flour , Water & Salt . Its typically eat with sweetened Coconut Milk / any kind of Stew / Kadala ( Channa ) Curry .

So lets start cooking :


Ingredients : To make Idiyappam Noodles

15 Idiyappam , shredded

3 Eggs , lightly beaten

1/2 Onion , sliced lengthwise

Pepper Powder

Any kind of cooked Meat , Optional ( I used Shrimp )

Method :

Heat some Oil in a pan & saute Onion , until it turns transparent .

Add the Egg & mix everything well .

Stir until the Egg is cooked through .

Add Shrimp , Pepper & Salt .

Mix everything well .

Add shredded Idiyappam into the pan & mix everything well .

Stir until everything is combined & Idiyappam is nicely heated .

Serve it hot with some Ketchup or as it is .

Idiyappam Noodles

This is a good Tea -time snack or even a good Lunch for Your kids to take to school .

*Note : Try to keep the left over Idiyappam’s on the fridge . It will be easy to shredded .

Add some Carrots , Broccoli or any kind of Vegetables to the Dish to make it healthier .


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