Fried Rice

Fried Rice


Ingredients : To make Fried Rice

To make Rice :

2cups Basmati Rice

4cups Hot water


Black Pepper Powder

Method :

Heat some Canola or Vegetable Oil in a pan .

Add the Rice & fry on a medium flame for few mins .

Add the Hot water , Pepper Powder & Salt .

Mix everything well .

Allow the Water to boil & when water & Rice comes to the same level cover the pan with a tight lid & turn off the Gas .

Allow it to sit for about 20-25 min ( don’t open before that ) .

Open the lid & fluff the Rice using a fork .

Vegetables needed for the Fried Rice :

1-2 Carrots / Beans

1 Green Bell Pepper

2 stack of Celery

1-2cup Chopped Cabbage

1 bunch of Spring Onion

1/2cup Green Peas

Cut all the Vegetables into same size .

You also need :

ScrambledΒ  Egg , I usually make scramble of 4 Eggs

You can also use Chicken pieces ( cooked ) , Shrimp , Pork etc : according to Your wish .

Fried Rice


Β Final step of Fried Rice :

1-2tbsp Soy Sauce

Black Pepper Powder


Heat some Oil in a big pan & add all the Vegetables .

On a high flame mix all the vegetables together .

( Make sure You don’t cook the Vegetables for too long , it will be good if the Vegetables have its crunch )

Add the Soy Sauce , Pepper Powder & Salt ( if needed )

At this point You can add scrambled Egg / Chicken or any kind of meat which you like .

Carefully mix in the Rice into the Vegetables .

Mix everything well .


Serve Fried Rice hot with Chilli Chicken / Chilli Paneer / Chilli PorkΒ Β Or any kind of Curry You like ……………..


For cooking video check:



  1. Tried this for dinner today….came out well….Thanks Suby.

  2. I tried it today…came out very well…..thanks… πŸ™‚

  3. Canola Oil or Vegetable Oil………….

  4. what oil do u prefer when u mention put some oil….