Fresh Fruit Salad with Creamy Custard

I was having a lot of fruits at home & nobody want to eat them , so I taught to make my childhood favorite .
For this recipe you can use any kind of fruits you have at home . I used :

Raspberry              Pineapple
Banana                  Kiwi
Grapes                  Orange

Mix everything in a bowl & keep it inside the fridge to chill .

To make Custard : You can use store bought Custard Powder , but at my home I didn’t had Custard Powder. So I taught to make my own version of Custard . For that you need :

1 1/2 cup Milk                         2/3 cup Sugar
6 large Eggs                             1tsp Vanilla Essence

1st :  Separate the Egg yolk & Egg white .
Mix the Egg yolk well & keep the egg white in the fridge .

2nd:   Boil the Milk , Sugar & Vanilla Essence  .
Turn off the gas & take 2 big spoons of hot milk & pour into the Egg Yolk .
Don’t forget to whisk the yolks ( otherwise it will curdle )
Transfer the Egg mixture into the rest of the milk & heat the custard in low heat until it thickens .
Cool the custard completely & keep inside the fridge .

3rd :  Take the egg white & using the beater beat the egg white until it comes stiff .
Carefully fold the egg white into the custard .
Serve it with the Fruits .

While making the custard , if it curdles don’t worry just pour it into the blender & blend .
If you have a problem in thickening the Custard don’t worry allow the mixture to reduce down & allow it cool . When you add the egg white it will get a creamy consistency .


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