Flourless Chocolate Cake

In a glass bowl put 6tbsp of Butter & keep it above a simmering water ( double boiling method) & melt the Butter . Then put 1 1/4cup Sugar & 6Egg Yolks , beat it well until the mixture heat through .Remove from heat & beat with a hand mixer until the mixture have a ribbon like consistency . Then add 1tbsp Instant Coffee Powder & 6tbsp Cocoa Powder .In an another bowl beat the Egg whites until it makes a stiff peaks . Then slowly fold the Egg Whites into the Chocolate batter . Pour it on to a prepared pan & bake in a 375 degree preheated oven for 30min . When it is completely cooled sprinkle some powder Sugar & serve .


One Comment

  1. need to be very careful while separating egg whites whith out yoke and to make it stiff…. yummy!!!!!… good to try….