Erachi Choru

Erachi Choru

Erachi Choru 3

Ingredients to make Erachi Choru :

3pound Mutton, medium size pieces

2cup Matta Rice/Palakkadan Matta/Rose Matta , washed

4cup Coconut Milk

1 Onion, finely chopped

2tbsp Ginger Garlic, finely chopped or paste

3 Green Chillies, split

Curry Leaves

4tbsp Coriander Powder

2tbsp Chilli Powder

1tsp Turmeric Powder

1tbsp Garam Masala

Black Pepper Powder, according to taste

3-4 Tomato or 2tbsp Rice Vinegar


1tbsp Coconut Oil

1/2 Lemon, juice

Coriander Leaves for garnish

Erachi Choru

Method :

In a pressure cooker mix Mutton, Onion, Ginger Garlic, Green Chillies, Curry Leaves, Coriander Powder, Turmeric, Chili Powder, Garam Masala, Pepper Powder &  Salt.

Mix everything well.

Pour Coconut Milk & allow everything to boil.

Add Matta Rice & mix everything well.

Cover the cooker & wait for the steam.

Place the weight & cook until you hear 2 whistle.

Turn off the heat & let pressure go down on it’s own.

Open the lid & add Coconut Oil & Lemon juice, then fluff the Rice using a Spatula.

Sprinkle Coriander leaves on top.

Erachi Choru 2

Serve Erachi Choru hot with Raita, Pickle & Pappadam.


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