Ela Ada


Ela Ada is a traditional Kerala delicacy . In my home my Mom usually makes Ela Ada as a Tea-time snack ,she usually varies the fillings , sometimes it will be Coconut mixed with Sugar or sometimes it will be Jackfruit fillingΒ  ( Chakka Varatti ) & what all type she make I love to eat Ada ………

Ingredients : To make Dough for Ela Ada

1cup Rice Flour

Boiling Water , as required


Banana Leaf or Parchment Paper , cut into rectangles

Method :

In a large mixing bowl , add Rice flour & Salt .

Pour boiling water & mix well using a wooden spoon .

Allow the Rice flour mixture to cool down slightly & then knead well , until You get a soft dough .

Ingredients : To make Filling for Ela Ada

1/2cup Grated Jaggery

2-3tbsp Water

3/4cup Grated Coconut

1pinch Cumin Powder

Cardamom Powder

Β Method :

Add Jaggery & Water in a pan & melt the Jaggery .

Add Coconut & mix everything well .

Cook until all the Water is evaporated & Coconut mixture is dry .

Add Cumin & Cardamom .

Mix everything well & allow it to cool down .


Assembling Ela Ada :

Take a lemon sized portion Dough & place it onto a piece of banana leaf .

Using Your finger tips flatten the dough evenly onto the Banana Leaf , if the dough is sticking on to Your fingers , dip your finger tips in Water .

Place 1tbsp of Filling onto the side of flatted dough & gently fold the leaf & press the sides gently to seal the edges .

Place it on the Steamer & steam for about 10-15min.

Serve it hot with some Coffee or with Tea .


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  1. Pearl Prakash Kurishingal

    Yummmmmm ! With whatever filling Ada is delicious. Somthing like Kozhukotta !!