Delight Pudding


Ingredients to make Delight Pudding :

Sponge Cake or Angle Cake , crumbled & layered on a glass dish

1st Step : Making the Chocolate Layer

2-3tbsp Water

2 1/2tsp Gelatin

1tin Condensed Milk / Milkmaid

3cup Milk

3tbsp Coco Powder

2tsp Instant Coffee Powder

2tsp Sugar

2tsp Butter

Method :

In a small bowl combine Water & Gelatin together & allow it to soak .

Meanwhile combine rest of the ingredients together & allow the mixture to boil . Continuously stir the mixture .

When its boiling , carefully add the Gelatin & mix everything well .

Carefully strain the Chocolate Mixture on top of the Cake .

Press everything well .

So that the Cake can soak up all the Chocolate mixture .

2nd Step : Making the Custard

For this I used a store bought Custard Powder & followed the steps on the back of the box.

Carefully strain the Custard on top of Chocolate & Cake Layer .

 3rd Step : Biscuit Layer 

1cup Biscuit Powder , I used Britannia Biscuit

1/4cup Cashew , roughly chopped

2tsp Butter

Method :

Mix all the ingredients together in a pan .

Carefully heat the mixture until it turns light golden brown in color .

Sprinkle the Biscuit on top of the Custard .

Cover the pan with a plastic wrap & refrigerate the pudding until You are ready to serve.

Before serving cover the whole pudding with Whipped Cream .


Serve Cold .

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!


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  1. That pudding looks so good!