Crispy Fried Chicken


Ingredients to make Crispy Fried Chicken :

1 Whole Chicken , cut into 20 or small pieces

2tbsp Soy Sauce

2tbsp Worcestershire Sauce

2tbsp Chili Garlic Sauce

2tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste

1tbsp Vinegar

Black Pepper Powder


1/2cup Corn Starch

Oil , for frying

Method :


Marinate the Chicken atleast for 2hrs or whole night inside the fridge with Soy Sauce  , Worcestershire Sauce , Chili Garlic Sauce  , Ginger & Garlic paste , Vinegar ,Pepper Powder & Salt .

Roll each piece of Chicken in Corn Starch & tap off the excess .

Meanwhile , heat Oil in a pan & fry the Chicken until its cooked & has a crispy & golden brown in color .

Sprinkle some Coriander Leaves & serve Hot .


Serve Crispy Fried Chicken as Appetizer or with Rice .


Note :

There is a lot of Salt in all the Sauces , so be careful while You add more ….

You can also sprinkle some Salt & Pepper Powder  in Cornstarch to give some flavor .

If You like Schezwan Pepper Corn  , dry roast the pepper corn’s & crush them ,then sprinkle on top of the Fried Chicken . Its really YUMMY !!!!!



  1. I love me some crispy fried chicken. So yummy!

  2. looks a perfect starter,yumm:)