Chocolate Sformato

This is a die to Chocolate Souffle .  This is not a typical Souffle , but it have the texture of a Souffle . This is a Chocolate lover’s dream   sweet , it have all the things which you think for a Chocolate Cake , Pudding or Souffle should have ……………..

2 cup Whole Milk                                    2 cup Bitter Sweet Chocolate Chips
1 cup Sugar                                              Almonds
1tsp Vanilla Essence                                 1 packet Gelatin
4 Eggs

In bowl mix Gelatin in 1/2 cup of Cold Milk , allow Gelatin to dissolve .
In a pan heat 1 1/2 cup Milk , Sugar & Vanilla Essence .
When the sugar is dissolved add the dissolved Gelatin & mix well .
Strain the Milk mixture .

Using  double boiling method melt the Chocolate .

In a bowl beat the Egg , slowly add the Milk mixture ( beat constantly to avoid scrambling the egg ) .
Combine the melted  Chocolate into the Milk mixture .

Pre – heat the oven to 350 degree .
Pour the Chocolate mixture into a prepared pan .
Place the dish  in a roasting pan & pour  hot water in the roasting pan ( water should come around halfway up the sides of the baking pan ) .
Bake for around 1hrs or until the sides are firm & center is jiggles slightly .
Let it cool for around 30min .
Sprinkle some Almond slice .
Serve it slightly warm with some Whip Cream .

I got this recipe from a TV show ………………


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  1. Real chocolaty one,yummy!!
    Happy to follow your space,Thanx fo dropping by..
    Erivum Puliyum