Chemmeen Kappa Biriyani


Ingredients to make Chemmeen Kappa Biriyani :

10 Big Shrimp / Chemmeen , cleaned & de-veined

2 pounds Kappa / Tapioca , cleaned & cooked in salt water

1 Onion , finely chopped

2-3tbsp Ginger , grated

Curry Leaves

2-3 Tomatoes , diced

1-2tsp Paprika

1/2tsp Turmeric Powder

1tsp Garlic Powder


Coconut Oil


Method :

Marinate the Shrimp with Paprika , Turmeric , Garlic Powder & Salt .

Keep it for 10-15 min , then shallow fry the Shrimp using Coconut Oil .


On to the same pan add Onion , Ginger & Curry Leaves .

Saute the Onions until its turns light golden brown in colour .

Add Tomatoes & mix everything well .

Pour 1/4cup of Water & allow everything to boil .

Add some Salt , according to Your taste .

Add cooked Tapioca / Kappa into the Masala .

Mix everything well & adjust the Salt if needed .

Carefully transfer the Shrimp on top of the Kappa / Tapioca .

Mix everything well .


Serve it hot .

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!

Note :

If You don’t get big Shrimp , its perfect to use the regular medium sized Shrimp .

When You add Water into the Masala ,try to wash down all the left over masala from the plate which You marinated the Shrimp , it will give a nice flavor to the dish Β .



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  1. I’d like to prepare this even though I don’t know how to pronounce it. LOL