Beef Chops

Beef Chops

Cut 2pounds of Beef into big pieces just like Beef Roast , then pound the beef using the back side of the knife .Be sure not to cut the beef into small pieces . Just pound on each side so that spices can stuck in there .

In a big pan put some oil & saute 1 diced Onions & curry leaves , then put the paste of 3 Green Chilies , big piece of Ginger & 10 cloves of Garlic . When it is fried add 1tbsp Garam Masala , 2tbsp Black Pepper Powder & Salt , then add the beef . Cover it with a lid & allow the beef to cook . Serve it hot with Rice or Roti .
( In this curry the heat is coming only from Green Chilies & Black Pepper . So be sure to check & add more Black pepper if u need .)


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