Avial is a very traditional southern India’s ( Kerala ) dish . Each home in Kerala has their own variations to the dish . Its a very healthy & easy to do recipe .

Avial will be served in all kind of occasions like Marriage & also for Onam .

Ingredients to make Avial :

Vegetables , sliced lengthwise , refer the notes*

1cup grated Coconut

4-5 Green Chillies

Cumin Seeds , 2pinch

1/4tsp Turmeric Powder

Curry Leaves

1/2cup Yogurt

4 Shallots , crushed

2tbsp Coconut Oil

Method :

Mix all the Vegetables together, add SaltΒ  & Turmeric .


Mix everything well .

Cover the pan with a lid & cook the Vegetables, it takes only 5min to cook all the vegetables .

Meanwhile using a blender or grinder, grind Coconut , Green Chillies, Cumin & Curry Leaves together until You gets a course paste ( Don’t add water ) .

Mix the Coconut paste into the cooked Vegetables & mix everything well .

Let it cook for another 1min or so .

Turn the Gas off & allow the Vegetables to cool down a little .

Then add Yogurt , crushed Shallots & Coconut oil .

Mix everything well .

Serve it hot or cold with Rice .

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!

Notes* :

For making Avial , You can use all kind of Vegetable :

1 Raw Plantain ,

2medium size Carrots

1 Potatoes ,

10-11Green Beans

1 Mango ,

100gm Winter Melon

Drumsticks ,I love more in my Avial

1/2cup Ivy Gourd/Kovakkai

Even You can add more like Yam , Brinjal/Egg Plant etc :


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