Almond Biscotti


Today I made Almond Biscotti at home ……….

Biscotti is an Italian Cookie . Its a twice baked Cookie , which is easy to do at home………..


Ingredients : To make Biscotti

1st Step :

3 1/2cup Flour

1tsp Baking Powder

Salt , a pinch

Method :

Sift all the ingredients together .

2nd Step :

2 1/4cup Sugar

5 Egg

2tsp Honey

1tsp Vanilla Essence

2cups Almonds , coarsely chopped

Method :

Beat together Sugar & Egg , until the mixture is pale in colour .

Add Honey & Vanilla into the Egg mixture .

Beat everything well .

Carefully stir in the Flour .

Beat until the Flour is incorporated .

Don’t over beat the mixture .

Add Almonds into the mixture & mix everything well .

Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap & refrigerate for 1 hour .


3rd Step :

Pre-heat oven to 350 Degree .

Remove the Dough from the Fridge & divide into 4 equal parts .

On a very lightly floured surface roll each dough into 1 inch wide & 10 inch length logs .

Carefully transfer the logs into Baking sheets & bake for 25min.

Remove from the Oven & allow the logs to cool down for about 10-20mins .


4th Step :

Turn the temperature of the Oven down to 250 Degree .

Slice the log into 1/2 inch thick Cookies .

Arrange the Cookies cut side down on the baking sheet .

Bake the Biscotti until they are pale golden in colour .

Allow the Biscotti to cool down completely , then store it inside an air tight containers .

Serve it with Tea , Coffee or even with Italian Dessert Wine .



  1. This will be good for dunking in a nice hot cup of Chai !!