About Me

About Me


Hi Everyone, I am Suby Nishal, Mother, Wife & a person who loves food …………

I am from Southern India, Kerala. I moved to United States in 2007 as a part of my Hubby’s job. I started writing this blog in 2010.

With MOM’s encouragement, I started cooking at a very early stage (10 years old) of my life. Internet, magazines & TV shows always motivate me to try new levels in cooking. My cooking career started with burnt bowls and in-edible dishes . Just  like all mothers, my mom was always there to encourage me in doing what I want, she was my pillar of support, and never gave up on me, in fact she was my personal grocery shopper who never questioned my ability of cooking. Thank You MOM for your support and all the love, you mean a lot to me.

After I entered into wedlock, my life is filled with people who love both food and sharing. My Mother-in-law is a great cook, who specializes in authentic Kerala dishes. My blog has reincarnations of few of the dishes from my mother-in-law’s recipes.

My Husband Nishal, is a foodie. He is a person who loves to entertain people. My husband is really good in describing recipes, and he does that to friends and family who come home, surprisingly he is excellent at doing it and sometimes makes me wonder whether he cooked that dish .

My family is never complete without my two little kids, Namith & Namratha. I love to cook for them and the mere compliment from them makes my day. My son  invites his friend’s mothers to join me in my mission to make an outstanding meal  ( sometimes its really embarrassing ).  But I love them for who they are ………..well now I guess you all have an idea about Me & My Family.

In this blog, I tried to re-create all the recipes I studied from my Mother , Mother-in-law & from my Sister’s .  Try the recipes & let me know how it came. I am eagerly waiting to hear from You ALL.

Bon appétit…………..